A & B Computing

84/1-2 Microtext - a computer aided learning language.

84/3-4 A Clever Machine - the Thorn EMI Simtec Multitrainer, which uses a BBC Micro to simulate machine tools.

84/5-6 Solidisk - sideways RAM systems (of 32, 64, and 128 K) for holding ROM images, and acting as RAM discs.

84/10 StarBase - the first ROM-based database.

84/11 Solidisk Update - sideways RAM systems of up to 256 K, allowing a RAM disc of up to 244 K.

84/12 DataGem - a ROM-based database of 24 K, internally paged to "look like" 16 K.

85/1 Dynamic Duo - Acornsoft's ViewSheet with the Raven-20 Shadow RAM board.

85/3 File it with FilePlus - Watford's ROM-based database.

85/4 Econet Action - a description of Levels 1, 2 and 3, illustrated by the Felsted School installation.

85/5 Ultracalc II - BBC Soft's ROM-based spreadsheet, revised to allow working in 80-columns etc.

85/6 Graduate with Honours - Torch 8088 Co-Processor, MS-DOS, and Psion Xchange Quill word processor.

85/7 Xchange Xtra - Psion Xchange Archive (database), Abacus (spreadsheet), Easel (business graphics), and Task Selection Language.

85/8 Acorn's Superstore - the ViewStore database, and the Winchester Disc System.

85/9A Business Asset - Computer Concepts' Inter-Sheet spreadsheet program.

85/10 Advanced Filing - Solidisk Disc Interfaces, DFS and ADFS, and Winchester Disc Drives.

85/11 BBC (Model B) + 128 K - what it is and what it does.

85/11 Charting Success - Computer Concepts' Inter-Sheet with Inter-Chart, including graphic output to printer.

85/12 Plotting Success - Computer Concepts' Inter-Chart outputting to Linear Graphics' Plotmate A4.

86/1 Executive Files - use of EXEC files with Acornsoft's View family and Computer Concepts' Inter- family.

86/2 Faster Processing - Solidisk FourMeg board, with benchmarks.

86/3 The Master Review - with benchmarks.

86/4 Sprintmaster - review of the Master Turbo, with benchmarks.

86/5 A Word in your Ear - four spelling checkers.

86/6 Don't Forget to Write - review of Acornsoft's View (continuous processing), ViewSpell, and ViewIndex.

Personal Computer World

86/6 Better by Design - the reasons behind the design decisions for the Acorn BBC Master Series.

A & B Computing

86/7 The Master 512 Review - with benchmarks.

86/8 Inter-Word - a review of Computer Concepts' new word processor, of 32 K, with internal paging, to make it "look like" 16 K to the machine.

Atari (ST) User

86/8 Quiet Drives Enhance Businesslike Package

A & B Computing

86/9 Facts on File - four ROM-based databases that are programmable.

86/10 The Master Compact - first in-depth review.

86/10 Masterpieces from Solidisk - add-ons for the Model B - a 256K RAM board, with ROM sockets and a switchable 4 MHz processor, and a Real Time Clock and Desktop.

86/11 Masterly Modules - two new menu-driven multi-function packages from Mertec.

86/11 Best Buy Guide - Business Software.

86/12 The Acorn Cambridge Co-Processor - reviewed with Vuwriter, Matrix3, and the Plotmate A4M.

87/1 The Domesday System (ie the discs and the Advanced Interactive Video system).

87/2 The Domesday Data (ie the quantitative chartable and mappable data, and the production of graphs on paper).

87/3 Computer Concepts' Spellmaster - a 128 K ROM which works with Wordwise, Inter-Word, and View.

87/4 The Acorn 80186 Co-Processor and the bundled software, with the Watford Co-Pro Adaptor, which allows their use with a Model B.

87/5 Words and Figures - combining a word processor with a clone of Lotus 1-2-3, which runs under DOS-Plus, on the Acorn 80186 Co-Processor.

87/7 Doubling DOS - Solidisk's PC Plus upgrade of the Acorn 80186 Co-Processor increases the RAM from 512 to 1024 K. By running a modified version of DOS-Plus, this increases the space for applications from 360 to 702 K or more.

87/7 Multiple Capability - Migent's Ability runs under DOS-Plus on the Acorn 80186 Co-Processor, and offers four integrated business applications for under £ 100.

87/8 BBC to PC by Tube - Acorn's own "Co-Pro Adaptor" allows the 80186 Co-Processor to be connected to the Model B, and to run many MS-DOS applications.

87/8 A is for Archimedes - a preview of the new range, including a full description, and comparisons of performance (in interpreted Basic), features, and prices.

87/9 Aiming High - more details of the hardware, and descriptions of the first software, with performance comparisons using compiled language benchmarks.

87/10 Archimedes Report - the first peripherals and more software - including View and Inter-Word, (running under the 6502 Emulator), and DeltaBase.

87/11 Archimedes Report - understanding the machine, and using it for graphics. This included a description of the Memory Map, and of the Arthur Operating System, and how the machine runs applications so fast. The Paint and Sprite Editor programs from the Welcome Disc were also described.

87/12 Archimedes Report - the world of sound, emulating the IBM-PC, and running Logistix very fast. This included a description of the sound hardware, and the Music Editor program from the Welcome Disc, as well as the all-software PC Emulator, and a look at Logistix.

88/1 Archimedes Report - superb tools for creating pictures and programs. This described Clares' Artisan painting program, and output to the Integrex ColourJet 132, along with updates of the PCW benchmarks in Basic. Acornsoft ANSI "C" was described, again including PCW and Byte benchmarks.

88/2 Archimedes Report - the 440, ArcWriter for all, and more on Fortran 77. This described the 440, including running the PC Emulator and Logistix again (making use of the 4 MB of RAM, and of the hard disc). Acornsoft Fortran 77 was described, with appropriate benchmarks.

88/3 Archimedes Report - more on ArcWriter, plus short reviews of the Minerva System Delta Plus database, the Acornsoft ISO-Pascal language, and the Programmers' Reference Manual.

88/4 Archimedes Report - the Computer Concepts' ROM/RAM Podule, with Arc versions of Inter-Word, Inter-Sheet and Inter-Chart in ROM, and the use of the RAM as a RAM disc. The latest version of the PC Emulator is significantly faster.

88/5 Archimedes Report - Clares' Graphic Writer, and Acornsoft First Word Plus both handle test and graphics, and I tested them with the Epson EX-800 and LQ-500 printers.

88/7 Archimedes Report - AutoDesk AutoSketch - a precision drawing package.

88/8 Clares' Artisan Support Disc, and Two 24-pin Printers (the Epson LQ-500, and the NEC P-2200).

88/8 Archimedes Report - Linear Graphics' Lintrack Printed Circuit Board Layout package.

88/9 Archimedes Report - Colton PipeDream (a word-processor-cum-spreadsheet), and Lindis Presenter )a business graphics package).

88/10 Archimedes Report - Ace "Euclid" 3-D Graphics System (for creating and visualising solid models, and producing hard copy in mono and colour, by printing and plotting).

Personal Computer World

88/10 "Archie Spreadsheets" (Grafox Logistix, Cambridge Microsystems Matrix-3, Colton Pipedream, and Minerva SigmaSheet, for the Acorn Archimedes).

A & B Computing

88/11 Archimedes Report - Oak PDT (a fully interactive, fully parametric 2-D CAD and design Package).

88/12 Archimedes Report - Silicon Vision's Arc PCB (a printed circuit board layout package, with auto-routing).

89/1 Archimedes Report - Information from Images - the Watford Video Digitiser, "DIGIT" from the Institute of Ophthalmology, and "AIM" (Archimedes Image Manager) from the Delft University of Technology.

89/2 Archimedes Report - Four Databases for the Archimedes - Colton PipeDream, Clares Alphabase, Mitre Flying Start II, and Minerva System Delta Plus.

89/3 Unix Report - a preview of the Acorn R140 "personal workstation", based on the Archimedes 440.

89/4 3D Design - Silicon Vision's SolidCAD and Realtime Solid Modeller, for editing and visualising 3D objects and scenes.

89/5 RISC OS Report - A powerful windowed multi-tasking environment for the Archimedes. A description of the Filer, Palette, and Task Manager, and of the applications Edit, Paint, Draw, and the many utilities which are included.

89/6 City of Light. Clares' Render Bender - the first ray-tracing 3-D visualisation and animation package for the Archimedes.

89/7 Hyper Hyper. Longman Logotron's HyperBook. Floppy disc-based electronic "books" which may be searched and read non-sequentially.

89/8 Acorn Desktop Publisher. Acorn start their "Mac attack" with a professional DTP package.

89/9 Candid CAD. Oak's PDT (Parametric Design Tool) version 2, the Watford Graphics Tablet, Oak SCSI hard disc drives, the Oak 20 inch monitor, and the Linear Graphics Plotmate Plus plotter.

89/10 Euclid 2. This interactive 3D modeller from Ace Computing is now a RISC OS windowed application, and even better than before.

89/11 PipeDream 3 and Presenter 2. Colton's word processor/spreadsheet/database works well with Lindis International's business graphics package.

89/12 Computer Concepts' Impression. Powerful word processing and easy document layout - in one windowed, multi-tasking application.

90/1 Print Out. The Archimedes now supports printers covering the full range of output quality, speed and price. This article compares 9- and 24-pin dot matrix, colour and monochrome inkjet, and LaserJet and PostScript laser printers, as well as Computer Concepts' LaserDirect, which is driven directly by the Archimedes.

90/2 Images from Everywhere. Extending the image-handling of the Archimedes - from scanners, mono and colour video digitisers and satellites. Images may be converted using ChangeFSI.

90/3 Image Processing and Analysis. Acorn's ChangeFSI and Watford's TV are capable of image processing, while TimeStep and AIM (Archimedes Image Manager) are also capable of image analysis.

90/4 Body Building. Expanding the Archimedes and A3000 with additional RAM, and floppy and hard disc drives.

90/5 Flicks ! Complex solid models (created and edited with Euclid), may be animated with Mogul. The films may be edited with Splice and shown with Projector - also from Ace Computing. They may be Genlocked to another video source and PAL-encoded for recording in colour onto video tape, with the Wild Vision Chroma 345.

Personal Computer World

90/5 Concept Integrated Office System. An Archimedes-based solution for document processing, comprising the Impression software, the ScanLight A4 scanner, and the LaserDirect printer.

A & B Computing

90/6 Smashing Grab. Colour Video Digitising with the Watford Digitiser and Lingenuity Colour Converter, the Wild Vision Hawk V9, and the Pineapple Digitiser.

90/7 Between the Lines. Linear Graphics' LinCAD, reviewed with the Watford Graphics Tablet, the Linear Graphics Plotmate Plus plotter and the Hewlett-Packard PaintJet colour inkjet printer.

90/8 Tweening and FXing. Ace Computing's Tween can animate Drawfiles from many sources, including Draw itself, Euclid, clip art, CAD packages, and business graphics applications.

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