Photos taken at the RISC OS London Show, 2012-10-27

1) Leo's BigTraks, controlled by Pi's. (See

2) Leo's Big Trak and driver.

3) Martin Wuerthner of MW Software. (See

4) Richard Keefe. Another fan of Computer Concepts software.

5) Gordon (me) and Martin - friends since Acorn days.

6) A Media Player for RISC OS.

7) A Server which will have 16 Pi's.

8) RISC OS for Pi on an SD Card on sale. To be sent within days.

9) An Acorn RISC PC. This followed the Archimedes in having an ARM processor and RISC OS.

10) Liz (Upton) and Gordon (me). (See

11) Again. This shows more of my Pi setup - on the GordBoard.

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